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About Canadian Islamic Union

Canadian Islamic Centre is founded by the Canadian Islamic Union. It is a registered Canadian charity and an educational institute that prides itself on being the only institute to offer Islamic education following the curriculum of Al-Azhar University in Egypt.

CIU hopes to collectively develop strong bonds between Muslim members of the community based on the correct and balanced/moderate understanding of Islam. CIU will provide essential family services at the highest quality to members, families and friends. Together we will work towards removing the obstacles for the current and future generations to carry on living as successful Muslim Canadians.

One Big Family


Our Vision / Mission

Our Vision: To bring together a well-organized group of individuals striving to achieve personal and collective excellence as Muslim Canadians. We aim to strengthen the bond between members of the community and work together as one big family to build a beautiful future for Muslim Canadians that benefit communities.

Our Mission: Striving together as One Big Family to contribute towards a brighter future. We will achieve this by sharing common values of respect, determination and tolerance.

Our Goals

To ensure that Islam remains a practical way of life for current and future generations by engaging in the following:
  • 1- Identifying spiritual, psychological, social, and financial problems facing our community.
  • 2- Facilitating working groups to tackle the issues identified above, by providing Islamic orientated solutions.
  • 3- Promoting dialogue and understanding between CIU and the greater Canadian society, irrespective of race, gender/sex, and creed. etc.

The CIU provides the following services:

  • Spiritual guidance and development through a qualified Sheikh/mentor.
  • Family services, family counselling and religious consultation (fatwa).
  • Youth empowerment through education/mentorship programs and engagement in the community through volunteering.
  • Family-oriented gatherings that are inclusive of men, women and children, open for all.


CIU Education is Available for Everyone

Canadian Islamic Centre

Canadian Islamic Centre aims to provide quality Islamic education in an easy and accessible manner to all. The academy utilises modern techniques as well as the latest technology to ensure Islamic values and concepts are taught to all age groups in a simple and practical manner in order to:
  • Instill Islamic values into members of all age groups.
  • Develop and nurture hearts and minds to become the leaders we need for tomorrow.
  • Equip young muslims with the confidence needed to be comfortable with their faith while being proud of belonging to one big family.

Youth Empowerment

CIU provides students with strategies to increase their faith and draw inspiration from a supportive group of friends through an Islamic enrichment program focusing on team building, developing knowledge, skills by encouraging discussion, mentorship and tutorials. Youth empowerment through education and engagement in community initiatives and projects is vital to developing a generation of confident muslims.

Al-Azhar Strength

Beginning with a focus on love for Allah and his messenger.

Al-Azhar Strength

Focused on critical thinking and understanding.


Free Quran

For the past 10+ years, Free Quran Canada has handed out hundreds of free copies of the Quran annually to spread the final message of God to those who are interested. Visit FreeQuran.ca to order your copy of the Quran for free today!


E-transfer: canadianislamicunion@gmail.com

Islamic Culture Centre

The Islamic Culture Centre is a dream of CIU. The vision is to have a space where children, men, and women can experience the culture of Islam in a nurturing environment. Place for community gatherings, and provide charitable activities.


You can help sponsor the services and initiatives of CIU by making a donation. CIU is committed to keeping all Islamic education free of charge. Anyone wishing to learn about Islam at any level can benefit from our courses and seminars. This also applies to the young students who attend the weekend Islamic school or afterschool programs.

In order to keep all of this free for students and parents, we rely on your support. Make a donation today to help keep Islamic education free and accessible in the Greater Toronto Area.

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